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The philosophy of futurenglish is simple. We  talk and have fun learning English .

1- We encourage you to take the English you already know and use it for social and professional advancement in conversation.

2-Even if you are not a good speaker but you are willing to make mistakes, you can learn English.

3-We believe the English student should have confidence.

4-We believe there is no shame in having fun and learning at the same time!

5-We use the English you have already on paper and in conversation to improve memory and interest.

6-We use standard techniques and new modern  3D Learning

    I -
Speed/Fluency II - Vocabulary through pictures and sound -- NOT Translation -- and III - Flexible Structure/Function ,

to learn a variety of phrases and you pick your own textbook with recommendations to create your own learning personality.

7-We use English only in the classroom. The focus is on speaking, but your reading and listening are used as tools to help you speak.

Studies have shown, if you can speak the language, you can certainly write it and understand it when you hear it.

8-Our prices are lower than any major English school in Japan -- GUARANTEED !!

Eikaiwa Director Bryan E. Hall, MPW has been an educator and writer for more than 20 years and has degrees in Journalism, Political Science, Medical Sciences, and a Masters in Writing, all from World Top Universities. He has taught English and Critical Thinking in the US, Japan and Central America in universities and prestigious International Baccalaureate institutions. He has consulted every major Japanese corporation in the Chubu region of Japan and has written texts for Negotiations, Presentations and more. As a lecturer of International Studies at Chubu University and at Berlitz he has worked with many other notable ESL educators. With a variety of business training experience and journalism with CNN, NY Times, NBC and many others, he can help you to unlock your inner English!

We encourage improvement, especially of ourselves.

If you wish to propose changes in our philosophies please email us or call

0568-82-0704 -日本